Banana climate chambers

According to each variety of banana species, we have various special climate chambers to make each type of […]

Packing machine

To provide packed food to our clients, we have a trained team that weighs and sort the products […]

Potato machine

To efficiently pack the potatoes it’s necessary a previous treatment to remove sediments originated from its cultivation or […]

Lemon selection machine

To guarantee the ideal lemons for distribution, our selection machine sort the fruits according to shape, color and […]

Cucumber washing machine

During cultivation, cucumbers are exposed to variable weather conditions and may suffer from it. Our washing machine treats […]

Onion selection machine

Onions need preparation, which includes selection and peeling of its external layers (the ones that are the most […]

Tomato selection machine

Our tomato selection machine automatically sorts out the fruits according to each one’s weight, color and shape, so […]

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